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“I Go to the Hairdresser” is an advertising campaign created to emphasize the role of the hairdresser,
who is the professional target of Framesi.
We chose to convey the ad campaign with an exclusive partner: Condè Nast, both for printing with releases on Vanity Fair magazine,
Glamour, Beauty and Vogue, both for Glamour.it.

Condè Nast also promoted #IGoToTheHaridresser, a prize contest that involved many fashion bloggers and consumers.

This Ad campaign developer also on social media, where people posted a selfie with the hashtag #IGoToTheHairdresser after a beauty treatment.

From these posts, Framesi chose the most beautiful ones and rewarded them with hair products.

In the photo shooting we aimed to focus common people who take care of themselve, in order to communicate a more authentic idea of wellness