Ads Campaign

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Every year Kasanova updates its catalogue with creative and colorful solutions. In the ad campaign of 2016, we presented some unconventional home products: sharpeners for vegetables, ladles holders, pasta cups… The aim was to communicate a funny and creative kitchen experience, playing on words and pictures. That’s why we worked on Kasanova communication improving [...]

Morphosis Green

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Framesi worked on Morphosis Green line using only natural, organic and daily use products.That’s why we chose images that are strongly connected to respect of nature. We worked on packaging, photo shooting and video shooting in order to launch the Green line. Later we promoted the commercial campaign during professional events, such as Cosmoprof [...]

Morphosis Sun

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Framesi, as Italian company, wanted to focus on natural active principle used from Mediterranean cosmetics: grapes, lemon, cucumber… In 2016 Morphosis Sun line, the main natural principle was raspberry, thanks to its anti-age and antioxidant proprieties. In this case, we created a still life communication where products and active principle are placed into a [...]

Morphosis Densifying

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Morphosis Densifying and Morphosis Reinforcing lines aims to resolve the hair loss problem, so we tackled the subject in a scientific way, emphasizing the natural active principles extracts: apples and grapes.For this advertising campaign, we turned to hairdressers and professional beauty saloon, focusing on the natural active principles of Framesi products. This project included: [...]

Art of Food


Art of Food


Foodie’s by Tramezzino is a franchising with organic and gourmet products, that opened many stores in Milan and other cities in Northern Italy. In 2017 we created a story: Art of Food, reinterpreting and associating the products to famous artists artworks like Picasso, Magritte, Botero, Warhol, Pollock, Lichtenstain, Haring. The campaign claim was “Art [...]